Citrix App Layering – Basis configuration 4.2 – Part 3

Part 3 – Setting up user rights management 

  1. In the top menu click on “Users” and then “Directory Services”Screenshot_12
  2. On the “Connection Details” fill in your domain name under “Directory Junction Name”, your domain controller server name under “Server Address” and for none-secure trafic leave the port to 389 or use 686 and “Use SSL” for secure setup. Click on “Test Connection” and ensure the test has completed successfully. Screenshot_13
  3. In the “Authentication Details” section type a service account that has read permissions to your Active Directory (Any user account that is member of domain users). Again remember to test the account by clicking on “Test Authentication”Screenshot_14
  4. In the dropdown select the base DN as shown below. Click on “Test Base DN” to verify.Screenshot_15
  5. In the “Attribute Mapping” leave the defaults and go to the next section.Screenshot_16
  6. On the “Confirm and Complete” section you can verify the information and then click on “Create Directory Junction” to complete the setup.Screenshot_17
  7. Now click on “Directory Service” Screenshot_19
  8. Browse to where you have your security groups for administration of services. In my case it is under “ – Citrix – Groups” and the group is called “SG-CitrixAdmins”Screenshot_20
  9. Mark the group and click on “Edit Properties” on the right of the screenScreenshot_21
  10. You can add machines to the AD Group here, but in this case I will leave it blank and go to the next section.Screenshot_22
  11. On the “Roles” section you can select which security level you want to give to the selected AD Group. In my case this group will be given administrator rights.Screenshot_23
  12. On the “Confirm and Complete” section click “Update Group” to complete the guide. Screenshot_24
  13. Under the “Groups” menu you can see the group is now present.Screenshot_25

This concludes part 3 of the blog series. Part 4 will be online soon as well.

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