New home lab – Part 1

Hi all,

For my first post on the new home lab, I thought I would start with the hardware I have purchased and show you how the assembly is done.

The hardware:

Motherboard: MSI B350 PC MATE Bundkort – AMD B350 – AMD AM4 soc

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Wraith Spire CPU – 3.6 GHz – AMD

Case: AeroCool Aero-500 – Kabinet – Miditower – Hvid

Power supply: Inter-Tech Energon EPS-650W Strømforsyning – 650 W

SSD: Crucial MX300 SSD 2.5″ – 525GB

HDD: Two older HDD on 1TB that I already had at home but didn’t use.

RAM: HyperX Savage Black XMP 64GB [4x16GB 2666MHz DDR4 CL15 DIMM]

All the hardware except for RAM was bought at

Picture of the hardware:


The assembly was done like shown below.

The case:


The power supply installed:


CPU and CPU cooler installed on motherboard:




Disks installed:


The RAM installed:


Picture of the server started and booted into the BIOS settings:


Next blog post will be on installing Nutanix on the server.




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