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It happened !!! I feel honored to be able to call myself a Citrix Technology Professional. Becoming a CTP is something I never thought would happen since being a CTP was something I viewed as being a superhero working with Citrix products.

What I figured out since I first heard about CTP or MVP as the Microsoft calls their program, is that being able to join these programs has one skill that is required more than any other. That skill is more a personality quality, and it is the willingness to help others. There is no doubt that members of the CTP program are extremely good at what they do, and combining that with the helpfulness is just a great cocktail.

To tell a bit of my road to becoming a CTP, I will go back around three years to Citrix Synergy 2017. Synergy 2017 was my first Synergy, and I was enjoying getting to know new people there and talking to some of the famous people I have spoken with on twitter and other online media. Meeting these guys sparked my wish to try and help others the same way that I have gotten help from twitter posts or blog posts over the years. One of the best experiences at Synergy was my lunch table chat with Dave Brett, who is also a Citrix CTP, and we had a great talk about technology, contributions, and just daily work as well.

When I got back from Synergy, I bought some new hardware and used a lot my spare time to blog about doing a home lab with a focus on Citrix products and automation. Being able to contribute to the Citrix and the automation community was and still is something I enjoy. I think that most of the people out there writing blogs and sharing knowledge are doing this in their spare time just like me, but we enjoy doing it, and we are learning ourselves while we are doing the work.

To close this blog post of I want to say thank you to all the people who have helped me get this far. I have had great help from current CTP and CTA members, previous members, and people who are not in the programs, but they are just as impressive and helpful. 

If you are reading this and feel like you would like to start blogging, start doing videos and maybe want to apply for the great vendor programs out there, my advice is, GO FOR IT. If I can help you out with information or anything in the process, please reach out to me, and will make time to help out if at all possible for me.

If you want to read more about the CTP program, you can find it here:

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