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One of the most exciting news I got at Citrix Summit and PTEC was that Citrix is integrating their purchase of Sapho into their Workspace. This integration has so much potential to help the end-users in their daily work and it is huge opportunity to get new customers in that doesn’t use the traditional Citrix products like Virtual Apps and Desktop and ADC.

What Sapho brings to the table is a way to fetch information from other applications and surface them into the Workspace. A really simple example of this could be showing your meetings from your Outlook calendar directly in a feed on the Workspace. Another cool example of this integration is for managers to approve expense reports directly in the Workspace, this will make an approval (or decline) a lot faster than logging into the application that you use from expense reports, finding that report and taking your action.

Citrix will be launcing this capability this year, and it at launch it will contain integrations with wide range of SaaS applications. Citrix also intends to deliver a mechanime for adding on-prem applications into the Workspace, so for all those customers out there that has not started the move to SaaS applications this will be a great benefit, and Citrix Workspace might well then be the first cloud application that a company will use.

Personally I think that this acquisition is a very cool one that can add so much value to the Citrix Workspace and truly deliver a unique product that no one else on the market has seen before. The great think about the addition to the workspace is that it will be possible to put all common tasks into the workspace and allow the users to take action on them, this can be a huge timesaver. Also, the part of just adding information that does not take an action can be a great benefit like for instance showing important news from the company intranet. There are so many great options to create the perfect workspace and this is definitely something that Citrix consultancy companies need to take advantage of.

The pictures below is from the Sapho homepage and shows a bit on what could be coming to Citrix Workspace.

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